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Update: #positivetweetsweek Challenge

 Positive Tweets Week Photo of the Day by @CherieCheroo
Well the #positivetweetsweek challenge is on, and it’s starting to take off. Even the most cynical of us are getting into it and having some fun. Today was probably the toughest day of all being a Monday and the first viewing of #masterchef during #ptw.
Questions have popped up along the way regarding the rules. Quite simply, there are none. If you slip up and post a negative tweet, you just join back in. It wouldn’t be positive if you couldn’t. πŸ˜‰ And, anyone can join in, so spread the word.
I started a ‘Positive Tweets’ list so people can track who’s coping and who isn’t. I’ve been stalking the hashtags, which is how I put the list together, so if you want to be on it, be sure to use the hashtags #positivetweetsweek or #ptw, or just DM or tweet me, @houseofturtle. We’ve got 75 members on the list since the challenge started on Saturday.
Here are a few of my favourite #ptw tweets so far:
Monday 17 May, 2010

@houseofturtle omg! I’m the #ptw photo of the day? That makes me hap-hap-happy which is even more positivity for #ptw ! πŸ˜€

I don’t know if I kicked Zumba’s ass or if it kicked mine. In honour of #positivetweetsweek, I’m going to go with the former! πŸ™‚
#positivetweetsweek is making for a happier Squish..
Can I say that #positivetweetsweek is having an effect on me? Consciously making sure no negative thoughts are said out loud..
Today is going to be very, very challenging. But if it’s a complete massacre then at least the wine will taste better tonight. #ptw
Dressed head to toe in black & grey. Urgh. On the plus side, I am now camoflaged enough to go on secret squirrel spy-like missions! πŸ˜‰ #ptw
You were born a winner. You were the fastest sperm. Remember that. #ptw
It’s so cold this morning I’ve got shrinkage, but at least my nipples are bigger. #positivetweetsweek #ptw
Sunday 16 May, 2010

@houseofturtle McVeigh just screwed up a kick in resulting in a goal to St Kilda. On the upside, I have my health. #ptw

Photo of the Day
Photo: #ptw for @houseofturtle – β€œwhen I get sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead. True story.” :)…
Saturday 15 May, 2010
@houseofturtle What’s this with you wanting to make Twitter a positive tweets week? Are you crazy?!? Do you want to break Twitter? πŸ˜›
@houseofturtle @SquishT77 @Miss_GK @CherieCheroo @bronska01 @emilyryanmusic Morning Brady bunch. We feeling positive? Beaut! Let’s begin.
One atom to another: “I’ve lost an electron!” “Are you sure?” “I’m positive!!” #positivetweetsweek
Click here for full details about the #positivetweetsweek challenge and how it began.
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Challenge yourself: #positivetweetsweek

I’ve just set a challenge to my followers and friends on Twitter – a whole week of positive tweets!

Starting tomorrow, Saturday 15 May to the following Saturday we can only write positive tweets.

Sounds easy, but it’s not. So many of us (including me) use Twitter as an outlet for our frustrations, to bitch, whinge and whine. My proposal is that we all have a positive attitude for the week. This doesn’t mean we can’t vent still, it just means we put a positive spin on it. Some of the tweeps who have joined the challenge have already labeled it “Disney week” and the “Shamwow of sarcasm” (thanks @idmacman). Haha!

Are you in? If so, challenge yourself, join in and spread the word. Hashtag is: #positivetweetsweek [Alternative hashtag: #ptw 15 May]

Good luck!!

Turtle xox

PS. Don’t stress if you don’t make it through the week. Shit happens. It’s the desire to try that counts, and the laughs we’ll have along the way.

Follow me on Twitter: @houseofturtle to see how we’re tracking.

Update 17 May: I have created a list on Twitter of those involved in our challenge. Follow the list to see who’s coping and who isn’t:

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