glitter friday #inspo

Glitter Fridays #inspoGlitter Fridays #inspo

It’s no big secret that I love Fridays. Most people I’ve worked with would know I have a (possibly annoying) habit of starting the day with the words “Guess what? Then, dramatically pausing for effect… “It’s Friday!”

I love Fridays for the obvious reasons, the weekend is on the horizon, everyone’s a bit more relaxed, there’s a nice cold glass of something waiting for me at the end of the day… etc. etc.

But, I also love Fridays because it’s the day I add an extra zing in my step by adding some fabulous bling to an otherwise casual outfit. Hence, why I also call Friday – Glitter Friday, Sparkle Friday and Giddiup Friday!

So, in the spirit of #glitterfriday… I trawled Pinterest for some sparkling inspiration. Enjoy!

Turtle xox

DISCLAIMER: Truth is bling can be for everyday… But not every day can be called Glitter Friday. 😉


Party sparkles from Sportsgirl

Totally loving these sequin jackets from Sportsgirl. Their super H-O-T, reasonably priced and perfect for adding a bit of bling to an otherwise simple outfit. Throw them on over your work clothes and you’re ready for Christmas drinks, or team them with a funky top and a pair of short shorts.

I love the first combination… reminds me of Ke$ha in the totally awesome ’80s do-over video clip for Tik Tok.

Turtle xox

PS. Sportsgirl are offering FREE delivery till 23 December (Australian residents only)

Images by House of Turtle and taken on Blackberry, hence the very poor quality. 😉

This Dhini sequinned jacket can blow my trumpet any day!!

No words, nor music, can describe how much I love, want, die for, must have and desperately need this Dhini jacket.
Maybe I should invest in a lotto ticket, cross all fingers, toes, legs and arms in hope, and pray to all the Gods that somehow it magically appears in my wardrobe.

Anyone know where Jeannie is hiding these days? Because I dream of this jacket!

Turtle xox

Images from Dhini New World Order SS 09/10 Look Book

Balmain Mania at The Outnet – One step closer

Balmain is simply too H-O-T for words. So, I insist you take five very deep breathes. Go on, do it now… ready for it… Balmain is on sale at The Outnet. I bet most of you fashionistas knew that already, but I simply had to show you my fave pieces from the sale.

HURRY – they’re bound to sell out fast! Or, if you’re like me and still can’t afford them – just stare and focus on the fact that you’re that little bit closer to being able to afford them (once you sell all your other clothes on ebay, get three jobs and remortgage the house).

Special thanks to fabulous crew at The Outnet. You guys rock.

Turtle xox