kip & co farewell winter sale :: 40% off everything

Kip & Co Farewell Winter Sale - 40% of Everything via @houseofturtleQuick, quick… Kip & Co‘s amazing bedding range will not last long at 40% off. Add some pizzazz to your bedroom with the coolest bed linen, blankets and cushions around. Spotted at Rebecca Judd’s place, on The Block and regularly in Real Living magazine.

Go on, what are you waiting for! Stocks will NOT last.

Turtle xox

Image courtesy of Kip & Co


Dinosaur Designs is not Extinct! Just on sale…

Exciting news! Dinosaur Designs have opened their new Sales and Seconds Store, Extinct, in Strawberry Hills Sydney.

Extinct provides samples, seconds and discontinued Dinosaur Designs Homewares and Jewellery. All items are hand made in Australia; some may have slight imperfections.

This exclusive store is by appointment only!

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Images from Dinosaur Designs website

Great short stories of the world…

Given my small stature of 152cm, there really is no doubt that this adorable piece of art was made especially for me. No wonder it caught my eye at Mac Pelican the other day.

Sydney’s Me and Amber screenprint limited edition artworks onto pages from old books – yep, old books! They then mount them on small rectangular or square wooden blocks. And, voila, a unique and already treasured masterpiece ready to hang on your wall.

Mine’s in my office to give me inspiration!

Pop in to Mac Pelican to start your collection, or visit other stockists of Me and Amber.

Turtle xox

Put your foot in it…

I popped into Aero Plus today at The Well in Camberwell. Just a quick sticky beak before I headed downstairs to Coles (ok ok, I went upstairs first, then downstairs). What I wasn’t expecting though, was to walk out with this classic black heel!

But, really there is no better way to keep a door open, than putting your foot in it. So, this fabulous door stopping heel was a must.

They’re also available in red and come in a cute little shoe bag. At $15, guess I’ll just have to get another pair.

Turtle xox

PS. The Foot in the Door is made by Fred.

Note: Apologies for the quality of my photos (and my terrible carpet). My camera is still under repair, so using the Blackberry for now.

Jazz up your home for a fraction of the price

Photography, fashion and art books are great for ideas around the home and for cutting out pics!

I found this pic of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss on ebay for $15, and stuck it in a frame from Country Road – Total cost $65

Can’t afford to decorate your place with that print that you’ve been hanging to put up (pardon the pun)? Well, here are some some styling tips for around the home that won’t cost you a fortune.

1. Buy a reasonably priced photography or art book, cut out your fave pics and frame them. I came across this idea in Rachel Zoe’s Style A to Zoe guide. As the fabulous Zoe says in the book, “Great photography is great photography, whether it’s an autographed print or not.”

I love Harper’s Bazaar 10 Years of Fashion – at only $39.95 you can find some great images to jazz up your walls, or it’s great as it is on the coffee table.

2. Pick up a cheap print from ebay and buy a nice frame to hang it in.

3. Head down to your local market, op shop or antique store. You’ll be amazed what you can find.

4. Buy a canvas and some cheap paints from the art store and paint your own. Pick a few key colours that go with your place, or reflect your personality. If you’re not overly artistic – keep it simple and stick to solid blocks of colour to brighten up your home.

5. Get a funky frame (or framing device like below) and hang your fave postcards. Alternatively, frame them individually or all together in a large frame.

6. Pick images that you like. It doesn’t matter whether you know art or not. Stick to what you know and love, not what you ‘think’ others will like.

7. Have fun with it… and remember, if you no longer like it – you haven’t spent a fortune, so you can always change it later.

Turtle xox

I’ve collected these postcards on my travels, from friends and promotions. Total cost approx. $25