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Hats seem to be all the rage this winter. And, well, I for one am super stoked about it. Usually, I’m too scared to wear them in fear that I will look silly or like I’m trying to hard. Which, if we’re honest is a possibility. The result of this is that my hat stand seems to wear more hats than I do (except during spring racing season when my hat boxes filled with feathery treasures come out).

Buying a hat? The trick is to find a hat that suits you, fits your head, is comfortable and goes perfectly with the type of outfit you plan to wear it with. Trial and error is the key, just pop into the store and try them all on. Perhaps take a friend with you who’ll give you their honest opinion.

Personally, I encourage you to do this when you’re pretty much wearing what you might plan to wear it with and make up on. It really is hard to gauge how you look in a hat when you’re looking pale and have your gym clothes on (unless you’re buying a baseball cap).

If you’re going to buy online, make sure you know what styles suit you first and that they have a sizing guide (for example, Lack of Colour have a great sizing guide). Finally, if you’re buying a wider brim hat, opt for a contrasting colour to what you traditionally wear so you don’t get completely lost under it.

Oh, and don’t be like me every other year. Be brave. Wear the hat! Just remember your manners and the appropriate occasions to wear it.

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H-O-T Looks from the Caulfield Racing Carnival

Neutrals and bold purples seem to be the look of the moment for the races this year if these pics from the Caulfield Racing Carnival are anything to go by… though there also seems to be some sensible dressing to suit the weather conditions on the day. These ladies have taken on the glam look with satin fabrics and tailored draping.

Boys… Suit up and have some fun!

Turtle xox

House of Turtle

Images courtesy of Style Counsel

Racing Fancies: Simply fascinating

How cute is this fascinator… I love the very now peachy flowers combined with old world country gingham.

Pop in to The Hat Shop in Hawthorn and check out their fabulous range of hats and fascinators. Whilst this shop might not look like the most inspiring by its decor – the team sure know how to make you stand out at the races – whether it be with something classic to last you a lifetime, or something fun to make you pop.

You can even take in an old hat and ask them to revamp it with your choice of flowers, feathers and ribbons from their impressive collection.

The Hat Shop
117 Auburn Road
Hawthorn VIC 3122
03 9882 9488

Turtle xox