emily wickersham wears steve madden at coachella

The Coachella Music Festival is here… not only does this mean great artists and music… it’s also the perfect time to spot the best fashion festival highlights.

Spotted at Coachella: actress Emily Wickersham in Steve Madden Pembrook in Taupe Suede. At only $169… these boots are a steal for creating your own festival look.

Check out the highlights from Coachella on YouTube.

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Image courtesy of Steve Madden

Adrian Grenier announced as special guest of Lavazza at Melbourne Cup

Popular Entourage actor, Adrian Grenier was has just been announced as the exclusive special guest of the Lavazza and Valmorbida families at the Melbourne Cup 2011.

The popular and very handsome star will arrive at the Lavazza Bar at 12.15pm… I know where I’ll be! 🙂

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Erin Wasson for Zadig & Voltaire at Net-A-Porter

“There is an air of something very classic and French yet the mentality is rock and roll, which speaks to me.” says Erin Wasson of French label, Zadig & Voltaire in this week’s Editors Picks on Net-A-Porter.

Make sure you check out the superbly relaxed Erin Wasson for Zadig & Voltaire capsule collection on Net-A-Porter, including a video of the shoot.

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Image – screen shot from Net-A-Porter Magazine 19 October 2011

#Gasp goes viral. Or should I say #GASPFAIL.

UPDATE 9.11pm 30 SEPTEMBER: No new revelations… Except that the topic hasn’t fizzled at all on Twitter or on online news sites.

UPDATE 11.40AM 30 SEPTEMBER: @loupardi and I think #GASP is getting more and more suspicious. Or are we too invested? The Gasp Facebook page is back… and promising the “full story” plus expected delays in orders due to a surge in demand http://ow.ly/6J3Za

Is this a case of why you should shop online and not deal with the likes of Matt and Chris?

Gasp goes viral. Or should I say #GASPFAIL.

This PR disaster not only highlights the poor customer service and arrogance of Gasp employee, Chris (referred to in Gasp email as “retail superstar”), but the power of social media… and the voice of the customer.

Earlier this morning, I received Keara O’Neill’s viral email sharing her in-store experience and online exchange with Australian clothing retailer, Gasp.

Within moments of receiving it I, like others, questioned on Twitter and to personal networks whether it was legitimate. Responses almost immediately made it appear to be so.

We quickly checked Gasp’s Facebook fan page. Comments were already filtering in from the disgruntled public. Within the hour, Gasp removed the comments. In the next hour, they shut down comments to the public. Finally, they removed the page completely. Throughout this time Gasp made no response to the ‘allegations’.

Comments continued to be posted on Twitter at an accelerated pace and the topic soon trended in Australia.

My posting of the email had over 1500 hits within the hour and has at time of writing this, just reached over 6000. These numbers are not unique to my blog. Others have reported similar, and even greater number of visits. #GASP is now trending worldwide on Twitter.

Throughout the day, no response was posted by Gasp, until the Herald Sun posted an article this afternoon which stated that Matt Chidgey, Gasp Operations Manager, had confirmed the email was legitimate.

Chidgey then proceeded to make matters worse when interviewed by Channel 7’s Today Tonight at the Chapel Street store in Melbourne, then live on Channel 10‘s popular 7pm Project.

Chidgey stated that the girls were acting like bullies in the store and deserved their subsequent treatment by employee, Chris. “The girls that came in, came in with a negative attitude. Purely to make fun of the dresses,” stated Chidgey on the 7pm Project.

No apologies were given by Chidgey on either show. Instead he focused on the exclusivity of the brand and the negativity of Keara and her friends.

From a reputation perspective, this story is a disaster for Gasp. Not only did they not immediately respond to the story whilst the social media outcry was at its peak, they waited to respond on national television that they did not see a problem with their behaviour.

Australian celebrities and spokesman have responded in kind.

Ruby Rose tweeted: “This can’t be real hahahaha gasp sells the most cheap tacky clothing in Australia. AND Involving @katyperry #GASP…”

Todd Sampson, CEO of Leo Burnett and Gruen panelist, offered Gasp a free ad on the 7pm Project: “Gasp. Clothing for knobs.”

Even the @ColesOnline Twitter account got on the Twitter bandwagon: “If #GASP is so #exclusive I wonder if they accept money… surely money is too common for them. Maybe you need to pay with unicorn tears.” This tweet has been retweeted over 100 times.

This story highlights that any business, retail or other, who ignores social media is at risk of losing control over their brand.

Whilst Gasp claims that their brand is exclusive. It is now a brand not too many Australians (let alone the celebrities they mention in their email) would want to be associated with. Not only because of their intolerant response, but because of their lack of ability to listen to the barrage of mayhem it evoked on social media channels.

The lessons?

Listen to the customer. Keara has taken the time to draft her complaint in an email. An antagonising response is bound to be shared.

Listen to social media. Opportunities were given throughout the day to respond proactively. Instead they were ignored.

Learn from your customer.

Engage in the conversation. Positively. And proactively.

Perhaps some words from Bill Gates could offer Gasp some sound advice, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. It may fizzle as quickly as it came about. Or it may just be the hot topic for Gruen Planet (PR spin-off of Gruen Transfer) next week. Perhaps ‘The Pitch’ could be how Gasp should now respond to regain control of their brand.

Read the email that started the #GASP saga

Beautiful, tragic and wanting

There is nothing that is not fabulous about Emmy Rossum‘s cover and appearance in Genlux (a luxury magazine created for the affluent Southern Californian woman). She reminds me of one of Alexandre Dumas’ heroines from the 17th century. Beautiful, tragic and wanting.

GENLUX_EmmyGenlux_S_WillsBlack Star ring - Samantha Wills

I also love that she is wearing Australia’s own, Samantha Wills Black Star ring, available now for $259. So stunning that it can be worn for special occasions for years to come!

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Onya Aids Queensland Floods at Honey Bar this Australia Day

Looking for something to do this Australia Day? Something fun… And worthwhile?

Well, pop along to the Honey Bar in South Melbourne where Onya Magazine is hosting a fundraiser for the Queensland Flood Relief Fund. Show your support and enjoy fun, food, drinks and some great tunes.

There will be silent auctions, a live auction and some lucky draw prizes of some fabulous items, including an $11,450 Cartier watch!

RSVP on Facebook now…  And spread the word!

See you there.

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Just because I can!

Photographer – Hedi Slimane
 Photographer – Hedi Slimane
 Photographer – Hedi Slimane
 Photographer – Tesh
This post is merely an excuse for me to show you more great shots of the ever fabulous chameleon that is Kate Moss… Just because I can!
In H-O-T news, I’ll be posting pics soon from the sass & bide Christmas party in Melbourne. Fun night!
And, I’m finalising House of Turtle’s new template and web home! Now that the year is coming to a close and we get ready to embrace new beginnings, it’s time for a make over and some new energy for House of Turtle. Watch this space.
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