HOT_201212I started House of Turtle in March 2009, not only as a creative outlet, but as an avenue to explore and share my passion for fashion, new media and writing.

The original concept behind House of Turtle was simple. If I liked, loved, or thought something was ‘H-O-T’, I blogged about it. Whether it was a fab fashion find, cute store or café, lifestyle tips, exciting sales, trends or a splash of gossip – my goal was, and still is, to make H-O-T finds accessible to others.

Essentially, the concept hasn’t changed. Though my blogging style has. Some posts are short and photography based, others more descriptive.

Unfortunately, the demands (and excitement) of my ‘day’ job in marketing, communications and PR can affect my ‘capacity’ to blog with the regularity I used to. So I apologise if the posts are sometimes sporadic. I am a ‘little’ narcissistic though, so if you drop me a line or comment on my posts, my ego will encourage me to not only respond, but blog more. LOL! Or, you can come find me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.

Thanks for popping by! Hope to see you again soon.

Turtle xox

(Melena Birtles)

Disclaimer: The views in this blog are my own and not those of my employer/s.