hello flawless


I’m not a big fan of foundation. I think it’s because I grew up in the age of cakey foundations that looked like they should be scraped off with a knife… I’ve also been one of those lucky people who usually doesn’t have to wear much. During the week I tend to only wear a tinted moisturiser with some cover up for my nose and eyes.

But, I do like to wear foundation when I go out and for special occasions. And, when I do, I want it to be light and silky, giving a fairly smooth coverage that looks very natural. I also don’t want it to feel like I’m wearing foundation.

My latest discovery is Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow from Benefit (one of my favourite make up brands). This brightening liquid foundation delivers everything I look for in a foundation. Light to medium coverage, SPF and a natural look. It also feels silky smooth, is easy to apply (I just use my fingers) and gives a nice light glow.

It comes in nine shades, ranging from Ivory to Nutmeg, and the Ivory is a perfect match for my fair skin. So close, that I may even give this foundation a whirl during the week.

What can I say but… WOW!

Turtle xox

Photo by House of Turtle


7 thoughts on “hello flawless

  1. I was quite intrigued by this foundation, but when I visited my local Benefit counter, the Ivory still looked a little too dark and orange for me.. but if it works for your fair skin then I might have to give it a go! Is it easily blendable?

    • Blends really nicely… Is nice and smooth. Is a good match for my skin, which is quite fair. I don’t know if the shade varies in different countries (some brands do).

      I’d suggest getting them to apply some on you at the counter, or get them to give you a small sample tub to take away so you can try it. Then see how it looks when you are out of the store. Most store lights are pretty unforgiving! xox

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