Max the fashionista

My cat, Maximus loves fashion and like me he’s a fan of anything Kate Moss puts her personal sense of style to… Here he is acknowledging the awesomeness that is Hunter!
Hunter Wellington boots have been around for ages, but it’s only since Kate made them her festival staple that they made their mark in the fashion world.

They’re great for festivals and outdoor concerts where the elements are prone to change. I bought mine for trekking around at the snow. I hear that the girls in London wear them the way we where our Havianas, for getting around comfortably and then changing into heals.
Whatever your excuse, they’re super cool and comfy, come in a range of colours and patterns, and there’s even a Jimmy Choo collaboration! Slip into some now and splash in some puddles as if you were five again.

Turtle xox
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4 thoughts on “Max the fashionista

  1. Hey Hunter!Thanks for the link. :)Love your boots. They're starting to take off here in Australia. Particularly given that this time of year brings rain.Keep up the great work.Turtle xox

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