H-O-T Offer: FREE Spring bag from nellie & me!

 A quick message from nellie & me
“It may not be exactly picnic or beach weather yet, but that hasn’t stopped nellie & me dreaming about sitting in the sun and unwinding with a nice book and perhaps a cold drink or two.

We figured you must be feeling the same way, so nellie & me hit the workshop and came up with this cute casual bag – for when you don’t want to mix sand and grass in with everything else in your handbag!

And, because we love you guys so much, we are giving these away for FREE.  All you have to do is join the club at www.nellieandme.com.au and we’ll send one straight out to you.

Tell your friends, tell your mum, tell your sister… gee, you can even tell the cute guy at the cafe near work – if you think he’d like one. Just make sure you’re ready for when the sun starts to shine!”

Now who can argue with that! I’m in… thanks nellie & me. 
Turtle xox 

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