H-O-T Trend: Get Chunky Baby

I’ve always been a big fan of chunky rings. So, I’m obviously loving that they seem to be back on trend in the fashion world.

Wear one on its own, or go all out and wear a few. I’m a more is better kinda girl though! Just remember, to make the look work, it needs to be boho luxe, not bling bling!

Here are a few of my favourites:
1. Mania Mania Immortals Ring
2. soixante neuf silver hammered ring
3. Low Luv by Erin Wasson Aztec & Snake rings

If you’re thinking of adopting the trend as a seasonal thing, rather than an investment, check out cost effective options from Diva and Sportsgirl.

Turtle xox

Images sourced online


2 thoughts on “H-O-T Trend: Get Chunky Baby

  1. Thanks lovely. I love chunky jewellery, and wear A LOT of it. One day I'll post a pic.Will update your blog for sure.Thanks for your lovely comment. Have a fab night.xox

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