Challenge yourself: #positivetweetsweek

I’ve just set a challenge to my followers and friends on Twitter – a whole week of positive tweets!

Starting tomorrow, Saturday 15 May to the following Saturday we can only write positive tweets.

Sounds easy, but it’s not. So many of us (including me) use Twitter as an outlet for our frustrations, to bitch, whinge and whine. My proposal is that we all have a positive attitude for the week. This doesn’t mean we can’t vent still, it just means we put a positive spin on it. Some of the tweeps who have joined the challenge have already labeled it “Disney week” and the “Shamwow of sarcasm” (thanks @idmacman). Haha!

Are you in? If so, challenge yourself, join in and spread the word. Hashtag is: #positivetweetsweek [Alternative hashtag: #ptw 15 May]

Good luck!!

Turtle xox

PS. Don’t stress if you don’t make it through the week. Shit happens. It’s the desire to try that counts, and the laughs we’ll have along the way.

Follow me on Twitter: @houseofturtle to see how we’re tracking.

Update 17 May: I have created a list on Twitter of those involved in our challenge. Follow the list to see who’s coping and who isn’t:

House of Turtle


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