The WOW Effect… Ssshh, it’s a secret… L’Oreal Studio Secret that is

The WOW effect!
“Make-up artists often say that a successful complexion depends on the attention give to it. As long as you already have the winning combination: the right texture, the right colouring, the right coverage, the right luminosity and the right application! Now that all women have access to professional tools, look out: the ‘wow’ effect is everywhere!”
– Linda Evangelista

Discover the secrets of professional make up with L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics’ new Studio Secrets Professional range.

Inspired by fashion icon and supermodel, Linda Evangelista, Studio Secrets Professional is the first ever professional make-up range created with an educational-style approach. The idea is to teach every woman to discover how she can easily apply make-up in the comfort of her own home, and look like a professional.

This unique range utilises highly advanced formulas to create products that offer instant, breathtaking results using a record number of tailor-made shades… so you can choose what products, textures and colours will suit you perfectly, every time.

I gave the Studio Secrets Professional Primer a go, and there is no doubt that this is a must-have product when applying make-up. It instantly smooths out lines and creates a picture perfect complexion by masking wrinkles (thank god!!) and uneven texture. After applying, my skin looked and felt smooth and velvety. The best thing about it is, that it’s great for fixing that clumpy look foundation can sometimes give you. It also keeps your make-up on all day. A winner in my book!

Some of us may not have the height to match a supermodel, but this range will make sure we look just as H-O-T!

Check out which products suit you best online, and how to apply them, at L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional.

Range exclusively available at Priceline.

Turtle xox

Images courtesy of L’Oreal Paris


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