Aztec Charm from Cristiana

Cristiana, Isabella bracelets

Channel the spirit of Saints and Madonnas this summer with Cristiana’s range of Aztec inspired jewellery.

This Sydney-based accessories house is already renowned for its Isabella bracelets, which are available in eight bright colours, each with their own special spiritual charm, representing love, success, protection and peace.

Cristiana’s charming jewellery collections combine glass beads, ribbon, suede and sterling silver trinkets to subtly bring mystical elements into your life.

For a boho look wear them with your favourite maxi dress and a pair of super hot sandals.

Stack them together, wear on their own or give one to each of your BFFs to elevate fashionable karma within the group.

Spotted on Hilary Duff, Elle Macpherson and Cheyenne Tozzi.

Turtle xox


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