Kelly Smith is a Friend of Mine

Totally loving Kelly Smith‘s photo-based illustrations for Friend of Mine Summer ’10. After all, these illustrations have everything – fashion, fun and a New York state of mind.

Kelly Smith is renowned for her fashion inspired illustrations, works with an impressive client list, has had several exhibitions and been featured in many local and international fashion mags, including Vogue, Russh, Fallen, Yen and Shop Til You Drop.

I would so love to buy one of these illustrations and hang it on my wall. Or, better yet the whole series. I might have to too if Kelly Smith gets mad that I pilfered these images off her blog Birdy & Me (which is also amazing). Ok, I lie… I actually did ask permission first and Kelly said I could.

For those of you not yet familiar with Friend of Mine, the label was recently launched by designer, Teale Talbot. H
er sexy and confident collection, ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow‘ has already taken the fashion world by storm, and even been featured in the October issue of US Nylon mag.

The collection was inspired by ’90s supermodels, surf culture and even a touch of sci-fi. It is highly wearable, super H-O-T and can easily be mixed and matched with your existing wardrobe.

Oh, and some of the Twitterati out there might remember me carrying on about a pair of boots I was trying to get my hands on awhile ago… you know, the ones I DID get. Well, they are the boots in the image with the umbrella cart. And, I’m pretty sure the model is also wearing my Karen Walker sunnies. I am sooooooo cool. Ok, ok, I did purchase them at Down Yonder who stock Friend of Mine. 😉

Turtle xox

Images created by the very talented Kelly Smith for Friend of Mine Summer ’10, using images/ inspiration from the ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’ look book shot by photographer, Emily Abay and modeled by Lucy.

Images sourced from Birdy & Me with permission from Kelly Smith
Words written by House of Turtle


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