Vested interest

A change in season means it’s time to take a good hard look at what you’re wearing and what’s in the wardrobe. With so many exciting new looks and trends each season, we soon think it’s time to give the wardrobe a massive overhaul and throw everything out. But do we really have to? And, can we do it cost effectively?

My approach is take a look at the pieces I already own and then work out how I can adapt them to create my ‘must’ have looks.

Vests are great. They can take a simple outfit and turn them into something unique and special.

A simple white tee and denim skirt – teamed with a funky vest and necklace can create a look that is perfect for sunny afternoons at the pub, festivals, and catching up with friends. You can even mix and match the look with leggings, funky boots or a great pair of ‘roman-style’ sandles.

Voila – a simple, effective and H-O-T look – using an investment piece that works!

Warning, not all vests suit everyone – make sure you pick ones that sit just right around your bust line – some can make you look bigger, smaller or just plain silly. If you’re not sure, get the shop assistants to help, and be sure to try them on with your base outfit.

Good luck!

Turtle xox

Image: House of Turtle


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