LnA – The perfect men’s tee for women

I am totally in love with LnA. And, believe me I am not alone. Celebs, like Kate Moss, Blake Lively, Megan Fox, Kate Bosworth – and more, are regularly spotted wearing LnA’s fabulous tees and leggings.

But what makes them so good? Firstly, they are super comfortable. Secondly, the cut sits… well, just right.

LnA designers, Lauren Alexander and April Leight, founded their label in 2007 with the idea of creating the perfect men’s tee for women. Their philosophy and design style focused on fit, colour and fabric. Soon, they were featured in top fashion mags and extended their line to include leggings, menswear and much more.

Whilst this line does not appear to be readily available in Australia… I have no doubt that it soon will be. That said, you can buy online directly from LnA, or from a few select suppliers in Australia.

Turtle xox

Images sourced from LnA Look Book.



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