ART: Saying Goodbye by Audrey Kawasaki

SAYING GOODBYE by Audrey Kawasaki

My friend Janni just bought this beautiful Audrey Kawasaki print, titled SAYING GOODBYE. It’s so feminine and demure, yet strong and strangely powerful. I love the drops of light radiating down the print and the glowing neon lights.

Janni has a few of Audrey’s pieces. She loves art, the way I love fashion. So, I thought I should find out a little more about her passion. This is what I discovered…

Audrey Kawasaki has a very precise, yet technical style which is influenced by manga comics and Art Nouveau. I found myself quite captivated by her strong and unique style as I scrolled through her works.

I love that she paints her pieces on textured ‘canvases’ like wood – it instills a unique level of depth and warmth (oh oh, I’m getting hooked too). Her style is very innocent, but also slightly suggestive and seductive. A bit like Kate Moss in her famous advertisement for Calvin Klein.

Check out Audrey Kawasaki‘s work for yourself and let me know your thoughts. She also has her own blog which she keeps updated with her latest works and shows.

Turtle xox

PS. Janni tells me her excuse for buying this painting is that “Everyone else went to Japan this year. I didn’t. So I bought some to take home with me instead.” 😉

Australian readers, you can purchase Audrey Kawasaki’s pieces at Outre.


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