Event Report: Project Runway Australia – Finale Catwalk Show & VIP Party

Event: Project Runway Australia Finale – Catwalk Show
Date: Tuesday 18 August, 2009
Location: Shed 14, Central Pier Docklands, Melbourne

This week Project Runway Australia turns yet another exciting corner with only five contestants to go! And, if the Finale Catwalk Show I attended last week is anything to go by… the competition is going to be FIERCE!

Glitterati, fashionistas, celebs and other fabulousistas were the lucky few to attend this spectacular show which featured the runway collections of the final five designers – Anthony, Ivana, Lauren, Mark and William (in alphabetical order to avoid spoilers – as attendees have been referring to them as collections 1, 2, 3, etc).

When I first got there, I met up with the Twitterati – Catherine of @whattowearcomau, Sarah of @stylemelbourne and of course, the lucky winners of the @ProjectRunwayOz competition Angie of @gnomeangel, Ali of @alivicwil and Eirini of @Rinchinator.

We then moved inside to be seated in some of the best seats in the house. Sure, they weren’t front row (hey, I’m not famous… yet!) but they were right where the models come out.
Spoilt! Henry Roth then chatted live with the Series One contestants about life after the show, then established some ground rules for the audience. The anticipation and build-up was all very exciting!

Finally, the show began. And, what a show it was. The final five contestants have clearly put their heart and soul into these collections. To avoid spoiling the show for you, I can’t go into too much (or really any) detail. Here are three things to keep an eye out for: 1. Strong colour theme across several collections 2. Overseas influences 3. It’s going to be very tough for the judges to decide on the winner!!

The crowd roared with excitement and applause for each and every design and designer. Watch out for my post after the show has aired in September for more detail on the collections.

After the show, guests were treated to a gift bag filled with goodies from the sponsors and media partners. Whilst this was all happening, I did some fashionista stalking, chatted up the contestants and guests and got some snaps. I met the fabulous Kim Ellmer (Kristy Hinze‘s stylist) who was wearing a divine black Willow jacket with gold zippers. My heart fluttered a little at its sleek simplicity.

I then bumped into guest judge from Episode Four, Arthur Galan and his lovely wife, Mimi, who took me into the VIP After Party with them (*Big Grin* – we’ve met before). The party was a buzz with chatter and enthusiasm about the show. Everyone seemed pretty impressed.

Here are some of my highlights from the party:
1. I loved the camaraderie between the Series One and Two contestants – they all seemed like great friends and very supportive of each other
2. I was really impressed with the support from the White House Institute of Design team. They played a big role in helping to bring the night together
2. Some of the characters on the show are just as they seem in real life – some not
3. Mark was simply lovely and so happy to have a chat. One of his students wore a ‘Mark’ hat to show her support. So cool (see pic)
4. Michael really does love his hair – he told me what brush I needed to buy to get mine like his – but by that stage I’d had a couple of champas and forgot what it was
5. I got to meet Jayson Brunsdon and Paula Joye (Editor-in-Chief of Madison) and for some reason I got so nervous I practically ran away. I didn’t know what to say… which is lucky in a way because…
6. I told Sarah Gale “I love you” then realised just how silly that sounded and laughed. Fortunately, so did she. Just quietly, I think I love her a little more now. She was so lovely
7. Champagne really does help the nerves. Once I had a glass I got over the jitters and relaxed 😉

All in all, it was a great night and lots of fun. We’re in for a real treat (and no doubt a few surprises) over the next few weeks on Project Runway Australia.

Get a sneak peak of Episode 8 now, or watch the show tonight (Wednesday) at 8.30pm on Arena.

Turtle xox

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