3000 Hits Competition!!! Comment now to win

Casa di Tartaruga is about to reach 3000 hits. A feat I never thought possible in the short time I have been writing this. So, thank you to my lovely readers for all your support.

To celebrate – I’m running a competition! All you have to do to enter is tell me in a few words what your fave fashion item for Spring will be for 2009. The most innovative ‘answer’ will win (note, not the item, the reason).

Extra credits will be given to those who post a link to the item. Answers must be submitted via the ‘Comments‘ section of this post.

The winner will win a very fashionable prize to the value of $100 (Aussie dollar that is) – more details on the prize to follow later.

Competition closes Friday 4 September 2009.

Spread the word!

Turtle xox


27 thoughts on “3000 Hits Competition!!! Comment now to win

  1. Thanks again to everyone who entered the competition! And the winner is… JP!!! Congratulations. All the judges unanimously loved your entry.Plus L'Oreal have donated small runner up prizes for Felicity and Silvia. It was a tough decision after all.Can you please email your details to melenab@bigpond.net.au So I can send your prizes.I will put up a post with the winning entry and runners up, so you can all see their Spring picks.More competitions coming VERY soon.Turtle xox

  2. Glad you like the prizes lovelies. Note, the image of the nail polish isn't quite right (in the prize post) – it's actually the Noir, which is essentially black. Super H-O-T!Remember, to win you need to state what your fave spring item is and why!! Extra points for links.Good luck… and you can enter as many times as you like till Friday 11 September. So, keep them coming.Turtle xox

  3. I'm thinking that just about anything with ruffles or feathers would be a great place to start for Spring. Not because I like to "ruffle people's feathers" so to speak, but I think that they are both insanely gorgeous and very on trend at the moment!!!I loved the ruffle's in Arthur Galan's collection at MSFW last week. But then I loved the hats in Christine's collection too! So go figure!Now all I have to do is figure out how to get them both without ruffling the feathers of "Mr Amex"!!! :-)www.agclothing.comwww._______ sorry can't find a web address for Christine! 🙂

  4. My "must have" item this spring is definitely going to be a rose coloured lip stain. I try to be as bare faced as possible during the warmer months (except for some sunscreen, and possibly some tinted moisturiser) so a gorgeous & natural pink lip will be my makeup must-have!

  5. Fave Item would have to be a litle straw hat!a) preferably an Easton Pearson variety!b) they are a must have accessory!c) they serve function!d) they are cute, hot, soooo gotta get one (ok… probably at least 3!)melbgirl x

  6. oh oh oh! thought of another one!!! SILK SCARVES!!!mainly becausea. they are lightb. they keep you warm in the cold spring morning and look great tied around your handbag when the sun shines thru!c. versatility! round ur neck, wrist, head, on your bag or even as a belt (admit to the last one! belt broke when out one night)d. they come in 10000000 colours and will match with EVERY outfit!!!!xo

  7. hey there turtle!!!!!my fave item for spring is a denim jacket! yes im old school, but you cannot go wrong with a skirt, flats, blouse and a nice denim jacket on a spring afternoon!!!!!! xo

  8. Thanks for entering guys… you can enter as many times as you like… and the competition has been extended to Friday 11 September, plus more prizes. If you haven't already, check out: http://bit.ly/10daXPThe competition is open worldwide – just bear in mind that it says Spring 09 because I'm in Australia! ;)Turtle xox

  9. My favorite piece for Spring 09 (or I think you mean '10 since we've already passed Spring '09) is the a suede flat over the knee boot. I know that most people think of suede over the knee boots as a fall item, but they would be sooo cute paired with a flirty short floral dress. Of course, don't wear them when it is super hot, but in the spring the weather is usually mild and I think these would be great!If I had unlimited funds, my dream boot would be the Chloe suede over the knee boot found here:http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446227572&site_refer=AFF001&site_refer=AFF001&siteID=J84DHJLQkR4-ZJ2hp2.MLgh1X2XUUGY_HQBut more realistically, these Chinese Laundry Tipin boots are the perfect alternative and a million times less money!http://chineselaundry.com/indShoe.asp?type=b&store=c&id=4324&sess=08310955523410975

  10. oh i want free shit but im lazy.best fashion item for spring is a personal intern/assistant (like on the hills and shit duuh)so i don't have to enter these things myself and i can still get free stuff.

  11. If I had a money tree, and an endless amount of wardrobe space; I would select the Primrose Cami from Honey & Beau (in Melon of course) http://www.honeyandbeau.com.au/spring%20summer/HT33004.jpgTeamed with my black Harem pants – what do ya think? At the same time, I'm going to try to rock some tangerine-esque lippy because that's what Miranda Kerr has been seen wearing, and if I can even *try* to emulate a model.. I can achieve it with lipgloss! 🙂

  12. My most desired item for Spring 2009 would have to be a brand new white t-shirt!http://www.fluxuswear.com/inc/sdetail/995Having a white t-shirt is one of the most versatile items you can own. They go with everything! You can dress UP or DOWN.Add a necklace and an a-line skirt with heels or flats and it’s the perfect outfit for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon drinking sess.Wear them with jeans and an oversized handbag –and you won’t need to worry about your outfit for the rest of the day.A V neckline gives it a more sexy edge (why not show off a lacy bra underneath?)Pocket detail gives it a ‘more than just a white t-shirt’ feel.Extra long slightly flared sleeves… well. What more can I say!oh and a fake spray tan for that gorgeous sun kissed look!)

  13. Ok Ok, so how fabulous is this website? i've just stumbled on to it after starting to follow you on twitter and OMG. this is going to keep me busy all afternoon i think. so then i'm looking through your posts and then see the post on the new mimco collection and was like 'how did i not realise that mimco have a website and they have an online shop?' where have i been? so then i find this necklace. OMG. i want it. really really badly. so if i were to get the prize, maybe i'd need this necklace to go with it? see how i can easily rationalise another purchase for myself?http://www.mimco.com.au/Product/Limited-Edition_73/Category_0/LIMITED-EDITION-STALACTITE-NECK_2143/index.aspxam i rambling? yes i think so. fabulous work house of turtle, you're now in my favourites.xx

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