Lost your mojo? Influence it instead!

I lost my mojo today. Couldn’t find it anywhere. It wasn’t under the couch or in the cupboard. Rumour has it that it is out partying with other people’s mojos (apparently I am not the only one who lost their motivation today).

Whilst looking for my mojo, I saw my half-finished canvas and thought “Hey, maybe I should finish that!”

Really it’s just big blobs of paint. But, it is inspired by a Giambattista Valli dress I found in Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s book, Influence (page 237). It’s a great read… and it inspired me to stop looking for my mojo and do something instead.

Fait accompli!

Turtle xox

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2 thoughts on “Lost your mojo? Influence it instead!

  1. Thanks honey, you're too kind. It dried ok, but think I might need to slap some MORE paint on it. My mojo is back too. Hope it stays in now, got stuff I need to do 😉

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