Project Runway Treasure Hunt – Seek and you shall find – hurry!!

OMG, I just had so much fun running through Melbourne Central with Bec on a mad dash to beat other Twitterers to win a beautiful dress from the Project Runway Australia crew.

In my excitement, I nearly knocked over a man – then I fell over on the escalator. Gold. And, Bec can now tell everyone that she got to see her boss go for a massive sixer (I am so Grade 5 sometimes).

When we got there, we had just missed out. Though we did get to meet some other fabulous Twitters: @CadewS and @bunnykt Apparently they are still wondering around the city with a blue box ready to giveaway dresses and prizes. I am anxiously watching on @ProjectRunwayOz to see where they end up next!

It’s ok though, even if I miss out today, they are running the Treasure Hunt till Wednesday 8 July!

The Treasure Hunt is on in Melbourne and Sydney… follow @ProjectRunwayOz now! Keep an eye out for the cryptic Twitter clues and win!!

New season of Project Runway Australia starts Wednesday 8 July at 8.30pm. I can’t wait to see the claws out.

Have a fab weekend and happy hunting!

Turtle xox

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