Need a helping hand?

Things have been a little tough of late. I’ve been juggling conflicting demands, fending off negative criticisms, questioning my future aspirations, and then avoiding/ ignoring the people who want me to fail, and those who try to make it hard for me and others to reach their aspirations.

It’s certainly been challenging, but I always try to find ways to manage it and stay up-beat (though I have been known to turn to extravagant shopping trips and alcohol). It doesn’t always work… so, I called in a helping hand to fend off the negativity!

The Hamsa hand is an ancient amulet which is known for its magical protection from the evil eye. It is said to bring good luck, protect you from harm and ward off those nasty evil wishers (and envious stares).

*hands clasped in prayer position*
– Be gone negativity… Serenity is now.

Deflect negative energy from your life – grab a One of a Kind Hamsa hand bracelet, in gold or silver, from Miijo.

Turtle xox

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