You can leave your hat on this winter

Winter might not be officially here, but it is just around the corner. As the nights are getting colder and the mornings icy I find myself heading out all rugged up in leggings, boots, scarves, gloves and coats. Yet, my poor little head and ears are still freezing. Clearly I need a some winter headwear.

Personally, I’ve never really worn beanies beyond a weekend away or a trip to the local football oval to watch some friends play. Generally, I like hats. Lately though, I’ve been seeing a surge of beanies emerging as fashion accessories. They’re no longer just another way to show support for your football team.

Whichever you prefer… hat or beanie, you should definitely check out Coal, which my new virtual friend, Jamie, from Sparepartz introduced me to through Twitter.

Coal is dedicated to making headwear more than an accessory. Six years ago, what started as a labor of love in an apartment in Portland (Oregon) launched into a vision for quality headwear that draws on inspirations from art, skate and snowboard cultures. Coal‘s distinctive pieces are a great fit and include hats, beanies, mitts, arm warmers and scarves.

Check out the great range at Sparepartz and rug up this winter with Coal. My fave is from the Coal Considered range – The Sydney in black. It’s so cute that surely I can leave it on when I head inside.

Turtle xox

Special thanks to Jamie at
Sparepartz for the pics and the info. 🙂


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