Thank god it’s Top 10 Friday!

Wow, it’s Friday already. This week has flown, yet been so crazy that it almost feels like two weeks in one. I am exhausted… but looking forward to yet another crazy weekend of frivolities with my fabulous friends.

Tomorrow I’m heading to the Young Members’ event at the Flemington races, followed by the after party at The Albert Park Hotel. Sunday will no doubt be recovery – and then I’m off to Gorana’s place to celebrate all things Eurotrash, and watch Eurovision. Going to even get dressed up for the occasion in sequins, leather and my faux leopard fur coat that I bought at Miss Shop when I was 20. Will no doubt splash on lots of trashy make-up and frizz up my hair too. Can’t wait!!

So… here’s this week’s Top 10:
1. Seriously, thank God (whichever God you subscribe to) it’s Friday.
2. Every girl’s favourite label, Chloe is now available on
3. Become an Indian Giver and pick up hot designer dresses on sale from the teepee.
4. Read all the news stories on the Federal Budget… go on, dare ya!!
5. After you’ve woken up from your ‘boredom’ sleep, snuggle up on the couch and watch Family Guy on dvd… The Bird is the Word!
6. While you’re at it, pick up your fave take-away – give me Vietnamese and Thai any day.
7. Make an appointment at your nearest Aveda salon. I got mine done last night – dark for winter. Super sexy (if I do say so myself). Plus, they often give you a calming neck massage.
8. Send me some ideas for things you’d like to see in my blog.
9. Plan your next holiday to a tropical destination… it’s so cold outside – make it HOT.
10. Watch Eurovision on SBS on Sunday night (17 May) from 7.30pm – Get trashy!

Turtle xox


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