Third Time’s The Charm… And, it’s very charming indeed

As a lover of the ethereal, imagine my delight at finding a truly unique and sophisticated line of jewellery on Twitter of all places. Maybe I’m a little behind the times (believe me, I am catching up), but this was not where I expected to find such fabulousness.

It was whilst following Airdrie’s ‘tweets’ and discussing shoes, that I discovered the Joolz line, a collection of handmade jewellery that is already giving mainstream brands a run for their money.

Joolz was recently recognised as a Finalist for Best Up and Coming Designer and Best Accessories Designer in the Australian Fashion Awards 2008. And, in 2007, they were the Runner-up for Accessories Brand of the Year, ahead of some of the world’s most recognised brands, including Dolce & Gabbana, Swatch and adidas. Impressive.

The new collection, Third Time’s The Charm, combines pearls and handcrafted beads with vintage playing card butterflies, die and recycled umbrella silk. The result, a jewellery collection that showcases old-world elegance with modern opulence.

Admire the Joolz range for yourself and follow Airdrie’s updates on Twitter: @joolzgirl.

You can also check out the photo shoot for Third Time’s The Charm on YouTube, which was shot in an abandoned part of an art deco theatre.

Stockists for Joolz are available on their website, or you can shop directly online.

Turtle xox


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