Layer up baby

Metalicus Diamond Delight 1/2 Sleeve Dress

Metalicus Moments in Time Tight in Silver

Imagine my delight when I received an email from the Metalicus crew this morning stating that they are having a 20% off sale for one day only on 23 April, 2009 (that’s tomorrow!). Now I can stock up on my layering pieces. Tres important given its been 9-11 degrees in the morning in Melbourne lately, then a beautiful 23 degrees throughout the day.

Metalicus tops are great for wearing under sleeveless dresses to add some warmth or a splash of colour. They’re also handy for making your sheer tops wearable at work – a must in any office.

I love their tights too. My fave ones at the moment are the Moments in Time Tights in silver. They’re super comfortable and go great with my tan cowboy boots.

Today I’m layering a 1/2 sleeve Metalicus dress with my Oscar The Third Snap Sleeveless Dress, a grey Gorman belt, black tights and my grey D-Co boots – all finished off with a blue silk scarf, lots of bracelets and a black Arthur Galan tailored vest. On the flip side, a part of me suspects that if I was wearing shades of green, I’d look a little bit like I’m about to go on safari. 😉

Head into Metalicus tomorrow and try some layers out for yourself! Alternatively, buy online – just enter the promotion code SALE23 on checkout.

If you’re at the Melbourne GPO store tomorrow – I’m might see you there.
Turtle xox

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