LiveStyle Festival Update

Oscar The Third Snap Sleeveless Dress

I headed in to the LiveStyle Festival in Melbourne on the weekend, which was massive gathering of fashion labels and retailers, including the likes of Down Yonder, Life with Bird, Nique, Cactus Jam, Bray Steve Alan and Bettina Liano.
Retailers and labels manned their booths for three days to demonstrate their collections, and sell them at discounted rates. The festival also featured fashion shows, DJs, parties and workshops.
The bargains were great. I picked up this fabulous Oscar The Third Snap Sleeveless Dress from the very stylish Cher at Down Yonder. She tells me it can also double up as a vest (another benefit of the show – free style tips).
Meanwhile, Dotti picked up a very chic leather jacket from Schatzi, which was reduced from $700 to $300. She looks like Blake Lively in it. Hot, hot, hot!
We also had a fabulous perv on the male models at one of the parades. They kindly took their tops off to show us their Pepe Jeans better. Thanks guys.
The only disappointment was that the event was under promoted. Sure, it was advertised in lots of mags, but it was hard to understand what it actually was. So, I’m guessing a lot of people would’ve missed out. Nonetheless, the event was a great success, so I’m picking it’ll be back next year. Be sure to check it out.

Turtle xox

PS. I had intended to take pics for you, but of course I forgot to take my camera. Won’t happen again, I promise – I just bought a Blackberry Bold – so next time if I forget my camera, I’ve got a substitute. 🙂

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