Do I look fat in this?

It’s always the big question on our lips (or on our hips) – do I look fat in this? Now, thanks to Jessica Kagan Cushman’s ‘Word’ bracelets, we’re starting to question whether our bracelets make us look fat too (or was it all those chocolates over Easter?). I pity the poor man that ever responds with a ‘Yes’. He might find a scrimshaw imprint on his forehead.

Cushman made a big impact on the style scene when her original scrimshaw-style bracelet designs were said by the fashion press to be ‘imitated’ by the likes of Chanel and D&G. Cushman’s snappy come back to this was to create a Ripped off by Chanel bracelet, which sold like crazy.

Other bracelets include: We’ll always have Paris, Because I said so that’s why, Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker, Whatever, and Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess (a quote made famous by once editor-in-chief at Vogue during the early-mid 1900s, Edna Woolman Chase)

Wear them on their own or layer them to make a bold statement to the world.

Pick up Cushman’s creations online at Mico-Mico or Miijo, or pop into one of your fave fashion boutiques, including Green with Envy.

Turtle xox


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