Sales… discounts and more sales

Don’t forget to check out the Casa di Tartaruga home page for the latest sales, discounts and offers. Retailers just can’t seem to help themselves at the moment… everywhere I look it’s 20% off here, 20% off there. Must be something to do with the global economy or the Government’s economic injection or something. Either way, who doesn’t love a good old fashioned discount. Bring it on! At the moment there are sales and offers from Gorman, Witchery, Veronika Maine and Leona Edmiston, and Kookai are having 20% off in-store today only (2 April) – so get in fast!

Remember, I update this regularly – so it’s worth your while checking the site, or following me on Twitter for updates:

Happy shopping!

Turtle xox

PS. Monthly Hero for April coming soon… trying to decide what to pick! tuxedo jacket, leather jacket, fur gilet or saddle bag? Hmmm… thoughts anyone?


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