To steal or not steal… Is it a style must?

I had to buy this week’s issue of Grazia as soon as I saw it on the news stand. Anything with Kate (Moss that is) on it is a must. Once again, the Grazia gang are on about Sienna Miller stealing Kate’s style… again. Hell… why not steal her style? I do! That YSL tuxedo jacket she’s wearing is FAB-U-LOUS!!! Kate is one of my fave style icons, and clearly she’s Sienna’s too. What’s there not to love (besides some of her other supposed habits reported by the media, but I am not here to judge or discuss that) about Kate. The woman is stunning and knows how to dress. A little style-jacking where Kate’s involved is not a sin.

As for the tux jacket, it’s a season must have. Check out the White Suede Tuxedo Jacket in black linen with silk lining, great with jeans and a tee, or over a dress for work. If you prefer a longer version, they also have the Double Breasted Blazer in black wool. Both equally versatile investment pieces, both equally hot. To take a peak, check them out on their website under Collections > Australia & NZ.

Turtle xox


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