That’s bananas!

Oh Rachel Zoe, where would we be without you? Since you came along, I’ve been glued to the first season of The Rachel Zoe Project and anxiously await the second one, I realised my shopping problem was not one, instead it is a way of life, and over Christmas, I couldn’t put down your Style A to Zoe guide (a lovely gift from my BFFs, Ange and Rean) – I even ignored the typos and poor print job.

How I wish I had your wardrobe, your budget… and your style team. I want your furs, handbags, jewellery, dresses… and more. But wait I can! dropdeadgorgeousdaily posted a very exciting announcement today – Rachel Zoe held a charity auction at Decades Two (Zoe’s fave vintage shop) to raise money for ovarian cancer charities. And, apparently some of Zoe’s pieces are up for grabs on ebay. I guess we can all get a piece of the Zoe wardrobe after all. We die!

Turtle xox


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