VOTE! EARTH – Saturday 28th March

This Saturday 28 March the world will switch off the lights to VOTE EARTH!

This global initiative (which began in Sydney 2007) takes on a new spin as it is transformed into the world’s first global election. Switch off your lights to vote Earth. Leave them on to vote global warming. Which will you choose?

WWF are targeting 1 billion votes, to be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. The aim of this conference is to determine official government policies that will tackle global warming (which will replace the Kyoto Protocol).

Cast your vote for Earth by simply switching off your lights this Saturday night for an hour at 8.30pm. Register on the Earth Hour website and spread the word at your workplace, to friends and family, on community sites (like Facebook) and blogs.

Turtle xox

PS. While you’re on the Earth Hour website, check out the Shepard Fairey images for the Vote Earth campaign. Fairey is responsible for the OBEY GIANT phenomenon and the Obama ‘Hope’ poster used in the US Presidential Election.


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