Small Talk

My Nana always told me when I was growing up, “Don’t worry your growth spurt is coming.” It never happened. At 152cm, I’m still the same height I was in grade five. However, it looks like the iPod shuffle just grew to four times its size and it actually got smaller!

Our shuffling friend now also has a voice! So, if you’ve ever felt lonely because no one’s talking to you on the train or as you walk around the Tan… not to worry… the new shuffle now features VoiceOver which will always be with you to tell you what playlists, songs and artists you’re listening to. Finally, no more guessing what’s next. Handy for me considering I have about 6000 songs on my iPod and no idea what a quarter of them are, let alone who sings them. Now I can store 1000 of them on the new shuffle and discover which ones really are my favourites.

More to the point this teeny shuffle is damn cute and super sleek. This is my pic for the ultimate fashion accessory for March. It comes in silver and black, is made from anodised steel (it will look great clipped onto my black White Suede leather jacket). Hot, hot, hot!

Who says good things don’t come in small packages?

Turtle xox


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